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Since 2003

We are a boutique IT services company specializing in infrastructures, such as networks, workstations, servers, and cloud computing.

Our Story

Chris and Mitch worked for a local IT firm, and the company’s emphasis on scalability and growth was negatively impacting the service teams. To find a solution to the situation, Chris and Mitch decided to launch a company that prioritized services and the client experience. They founded Professional Computer Services in December 2003—a service-oriented firm that puts the clients’ needs ahead of the bottom line.

Professional Computer Services has a highly-skilled crew that has earned some of the most important technical certifications in the industry, including:

  • Certification by PureFlex
  • CCCNAs from Cisco
  • Certification for System X
  • Microsoft accreditations
  • VMware accreditations
  • VCPs
  • MCSEs

IBM Partnership

IBM has been one of our mainstay partners for seventeen of our eighteen years in operation. They have developed new technologies and tactics to set a global standard for IT excellence, and Professional Computer Services has been at the forefront of this IT revolution.

As an IBM approved partner, we have stocked our pipeline with the latest services and solutions for:

IBM System x Servers

IBM Storage

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